Thursday, April 4, 2013


Zach's favorite joke..."Who's going to win?"  It was SO SO SO much fun!  The weather was perfect, the game was awesome and Apollo after was the icing on the cake.  We missed Alex a ton...especially knowing he was just up the street studying!  Steve printed out the box scores and sent that to him!

 After the game was over, they let all of the 12,000 fans on the field to get autographs.  MY BOYS WERE IN HEAVEN!!!  They wanted Kyle Van Noy but noticed the line was too long, so they found some other players.  It was really neat to see these young athletes being treated like stars by their fans.  We thought they were gracious and really tried to interact with everyone.  Nothing like being at BYU!!


Can't blog's still tender to me.  Go ahead and visit Annie's blog for the pictures....

A few last minute things...

 Packing it up...he SWORE it would all fit, I didn't believe him...I was proven wrong!
 One of the fortunes from our Chinese dinner.  Unbeknownst to us, he took this and another fortune from our dinner on his mission with him and even took a picture of them.  Joy is definitely part of our home!
 Alex gave this blanket to Taylor so he would remember him while he was gone.  Notice the airplanes?  He told Taylor that he was one one of them flying to Wisconsin and will fly back when he is 7. 
 My 4 boys...Alex is such a good example to his younger brothers of what a missionary should be.  Tanner doesn't look too interested, but he'll look back at this picture and realize how much he was influenced by Alex.
NOTHING is sad when you're at Leatherby's.  Even though our time with Alex was running out, we ate and ate and was delicious!!!

Getting closer....The Sunday before the MTC

 We thought it would be a good idea for Alex to be able to say good-bye to some of his extended family the Sunday before he entered the MTC.  We had a yummy dessert bar at Grammy's house and sang some songs, including "I am a Child of God", gave good long hugs and felt some closure.  Alex handled it MUCH better than some of us....(me!!!)


 What a good sister Annie is...Megan's MAMMOTH head of thick hair takes forever to curl and Annie does a fantastic job...wait till you see the finished product!!!

Alex's Farewell/ Tanner's Blessing

 Alex was able to stand in the circle for Tanner's blessing.  How cool is that?  It was a wonderful, practically perfect day.  Alex's farewell talk was so good...and SO SO SO many people came.  It was really neat to see how many people were there to support our family and especially Alex.  We were especially grateful to Lindsey for letting us host the family luncheon at her house.  NOTE TO NOT leave your cellphone unattended...those crazy teenagers!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


 Steve's such a good dad...I knew that before I EVEN married him.  He took the night off of work (not a hardship...) to take the girls to their daddy-daughter dance.  They tripped the light fantastic, according to the video they took.  He love his girls and they love their dad!!!
 Alex wanted to give Taylor something to remember him by on his mission so we took this picture to have printed on a blanket.  Taylor doesn't want his monkey blanket...he wants his Alex blanket...
 A hard-working little Ab's employee......MEGAN!!!
 A little disco fever going on with the performing ballroom team. 
My sweet Tanner him!!!

Sometimes we say its okay to touch Tanner....

My boys....